Use masks to protect against the coronavirus. The spread of the virus is rising, as people who do not want to follow it and who do not want to follow the hands of the people will be protected by simple methods. 46 people who attended the River Of Grace Community Church in Gyeonggi province were infected with the Coronavirus. The pastor of the church told the church to prevent the Corona virus from spreading.

It was sprayed with saline in the mouth. In one case, 46 out of 100 visitors to the church were infected with a saline solution, which was recovered from CCTV footage. There are currently 8236 people infected with the virus in South Korea. The government has repeatedly called on religious groups to stop praying for religious groups, but some churches have refused.

The pastor of the church has apologized for the outbreak. He has been criticized for the unexpected and has been criticized. He said he would resign as pastor after the end of the catastrophe.


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