The landlord and tenant in Thingangyun Township, which has admitted the 118 nationals, will be punished below the Palaung Law, stated Maung Maung Oo, a regional parliament representative. Maung Maung Oo, MP of the Region, Thingangyun Township, established the interview on the 23 March interview.

The host got here even this morning. It’s a woman. He rented it through. But the landlord and the landlord have to take motion in opposition to the law, ”he said. A Chinese man used to be discovered in a residence on the twenty first of March, in accordance to a file from a give up that stated that Chinese nationals had been on their way domestic at Thuwunna Ward, Thingangyun Street, Thingangyun Township.

According to the investigation, they have been informed that they have been for enterprise functions and would test if they had come into the us of a illegally. According to the Ministry of Immigration and Population, a foreigner should document to the foreigner residing in his or her home.


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