The target audience used to be additionally advised to continue to be vigilant, urging the target audience to continue to be smooth in order to shield NATO-19. NATO has recommended that prevention of COVID-19 need to be prevented. He himself stopped the filming and took each household and friends. It tells us about fitness and wellness.

“Hello, everyone, welcome. Wash Your Hands Often You can use Hand Sanitizer as an emergency. But each time you return home, wash your fingers wholly with cleaning soap and water. If the cough is possible, use Tissue and discard it in the bin. Avoid doing your quality to keep away from crowded places. I stopped taking pictures to keep away from the crowd. “It will be put in a function to manage the disease.”

At present, three instances of COVID-19 have been recognized in Myanmar. Therefore, crowd occasions such as the Academy Awards, the Festival Star Awards In addition to the Sai Sai Birthday Show, greater song concerts, indicates and greater The press convention was once additionally postponed. Weddings and weddings It additionally located that it was once forbidden to elevate out any donations or whatever that would reason a crowd. Artists have additionally stated that filming has stopped.

NATO himself additionally wishes the COVID-19 to shield its cherished ones. We favor to be cautious about private hygiene. ” Take different care in non-public hygiene. Protect your self and your household with the aid of defending yourself. “If you ship a prayer, let all the followers cheer on the water, let it be sunny.”

The artwork of Nato has been extra than 20 years. He is now not flawed if he is a versatile artist. While enjoying a position in Music Video He is additionally a movie producer and TV host. At the moment, NATO holds Academy Awards. These awards are: Nightmare Dreams (2009); False Battle (2015); The movie has been nominated for Best Male Actor for three films, inclusive of The Big Ten (2017). He was once additionally the recipient of The Best Actor Award in the International Film Festival in 1989.


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