The couple advised us now not to forget about the massive things, and Nyein Oo and Indra Kyaw Zin each advised the couple to stay with their phrases in protection of COVID-19.

The Academy Couples, Pai Tue Oo and Eindra Kyaw Zin, instructed The Associated Press to pay extraordinary interest to the ongoing COVID-19 disease. COVID-19’s troubles are now not restrained to different countries. We have arrived in our country. We additionally have nervousness and anxiety.

There are fears. With such a thinking it will now not be viable to overcome this problem. Unwanted nervousness is probable to purpose extra undesirable problems. There are a lot of youngsters to keep away from to get published. “We suppose we want to cautiously learn about this records and comply with it carefully.”

At present, three instances of COVID-19 have been recognized in Myanmar. Therefore, crowd occasions such as the Academy Awards, the Festival Star Awards In addition to the Sai Sai Birthday Show, extra track concerts, indicates and extra The press convention was once additionally postponed. Weddings and weddings It additionally observed that it was once forbidden to lift out any donations or whatever that would purpose a crowd.

Indra Kyaw Zin additionally stated that he wishes all the followers to be healthy. The key factors for COVID-19 have been to be on his Facebook web page on the night of March 24, saying: “The major aspect is to continue to be domestic and now not go home. Family Your surroundings It is necessary to guard your country. I had to go backyard for a while.

If you have to work as well, attempt to keep away from crowded areas. The most necessary factor is to wash. It is necessary to be cautious when washing. It is regularly quintessential to take medication. Sneezing If you cough, you must cowl your nostril and mouth with tissue. It’s necessary now not to spit in a lot of people, ”he said.

Nyi Nyi Oo used to be in 2010, Adam and Eve. Everest ” In 2012, “Letpadaung”; In 2013, “Would you please”? He gained the Best Male Actor for his motion pictures “Made in the Heart” in 2014. In 2004, Indira Kyaw Zin referred to as the “face of the sky”. In 2017, he received the Best Female Actress with “Sword of the Mouth”. The movie manufacturing of the movie has additionally been set up.


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